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You are 3 months away from a brand new you. 

Soul Renewal Program

If you resonate with any of the following this program is for you: 

  • You're self-aware but don’t know how to "fix it" 

  • Have an overly active self-critic/self sabotager

  • Want to break repeating patterns in your love life 

  • Desire to tap into your divine feminine energy but don't know how

  • Need an action-oriented approach to your mental wellness and are tired of searching for answers on your own

Image by Jared Rice

Whats included? 

50 - 70 minute therapy sessions with Priscilla 1x/week over zoom, access to messaging whenever you need support, a personalized wellness routine and soulpower worksheets assigned in between sessions.

Why should you join? 

1 / Guaranteed results or your money back

Every client who has completed the program refers to a "before" version of themselves and  "After" soul renewal they have a completely renewed perspective, awareness, and outlook for the future. We know you are here because you are meant to be and we are so excited to see you shine! However, for your ease of mind, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the program after 2 weeks. Details are included in the coaching agreement. 

2 / Theres no other coach like Priscilla 

Priscilla's expertise in working through the unconscious is extremely rare in the coaching field. Her psychodynamic approach is the most effective way to heal your mind, body, AND soul. She has a masters in clinical psychology and is trained in treating clients from a holistic perspective, assessing and analyzing the seen and unseen within you. Her depth psychology approach to life coaching is the most complete program you will find. 

3 / Backed by scientific research

The soul renewal program is a personalized program tailored to your past, present and future. Theres no guessing or hoping this is gonna work. If you are ready for change, the results will come naturally. Every element in this program from the sessions to worksheets incorporates concepts from various areas of psychology and research based tools that are proven to improve mental health. 

- Spring Sale -

Get $100.00 Off

The 3-Month Soul Renewal Program

When you book a consultation before June 1, 2023


Client, Skye

"I have tried quite a few self-care/therapeutic options before, but none have been as effective as working with Soulpower Coaching Co. and Priscilla.
Priscilla has mastered a perfect combination of caring personally about me and my troubles while challenging me directly to question old patterns and habits. She is excellent at adapting to my mood, and even on days where I feel like I don't have anything to talk about, our sessions are productive. Plus, she's pleasant, funny, and genuine.
Self-help journeys are never easy, but having a guide like Priscilla makes healing easier. I would highly recommend her and Soulpower Coaching Co.!"

Ready to attract the life of your dreams?

Book a free 15-20 Min consultation during which we will determine if Soulpower coaching is the right fit for you!

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