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About The Community

I have years of experience and knowledge about psychospirituality that I would love to share with the Soulpower community! Please use this page to post any and all comments and questions. This functions as a safe space for community of bad ass women getting their shit together.

Community guidelines

In this community, anonymity and privacy are of utmost importance to me. When you become a member please select your SoulName according to the worksheet linked here and change your display name on your account profile. This will help foster a safe space free of judgment and full of love!

 Soulname Sheet 

Soulpower Community

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Hi All, my apologies for not being more active on this page, I will be deleting this group in a few days. Instead please join my facebook group! I am more active there and its easier to communicate with you guys. Thank you for being part of this group, looking forward to talking with you in Facebook group


I have years of experience and knowledge about psychospiritu...
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